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Free Quiz Questions

Gavin Rymill is a Director of Zarbi Ltd, a Wirral Web Design, hosting and graphic design company based on the Wirral peninsula.

The company has a substantial national and international customer base and provides websites, creative digital artwork and search engine optimisation for both local businesses and a number of high profile UK clients.

Gavin Rymill’s freelance artwork has appeared on a number of high-profile products, including DVD covers for BBC TV shows, posters for recent films and album artwork for well-known bands. His main work is in 3D Renders and computer generated imagery.

Web Site Projects

Census Help Rymill History

His other projects include a ‘census help’ website for genealogy researchers, as well as a Rymill History site to publicise his family own tree, plus a selection of websites dedicated to subjects which are respected in their various fields.

Other recent projects have included a website dedicated to the Wars of the Roses and SEO work for local company Key Residential.
The website began in 2000 as a personal collection of pages about friends and hobbies. The site branched specifically into dinosaurs and football ( the latter was spun off into its own site) until it became used for quiz questions.

The result is that contains a mixture of very old pages about different topics, plus new pages with fresh research (mainly historical) along with the free quiz questions and questions for sale.

The main function of certain sections remains to act as an advert to those Googling related topics, namely that for the Rymill Family tree.

The site is currently undergoing a major overhaul and will be revamped with the new design in stages as time allows.

Pub Quiz Questions

“I ran a pub quiz at my local pub for about six years and I have decided to put lots of questions online available to other quizmasters to reuse. They are broken down into categories for your ease of use, and should provide enough quiz question to keep you going for a while.

Outside of the pub quiz circuit, I also see a lot of interest in the casino / gambling sector. The connection between my local pub quiz, and the dazzling lights of the casino was something which attracted me to this area of work. Throughout the six years of running the pub quiz, the most popular games were provided by spin palace. These games also seemed to be fairly popular with the pub locals too. Click here to visit spin palace casino, and play on some of their latest games. Their casino games are increasing significantly, and they now feature updated Tomb Raider and Hitman online games.

There are two sections to the site - the free questions which can be copied and pasted, and for a small payment, you can buy a quiz pack at the excellent website at where there are loads of pre-prepared packs and categories to make life easier for you. They have free posters you can download to advertise in your night, and they have all sorts of themed quizzes, picture rounds and connections. Everything you could possibly want to make your quiz go smoothly.”

"The free quiz questions have been collated from various sources. It makes life a lot easier to throw a good quiz night together if you have big lists of questions available so that's simply what I present on this site. I used to sell them for a few quid a throw but there was a lot of hassle involved in managing the questions, keeping them fresh, ditributing them after a sale had been made, and worrying about refunds, electronic deliveries, returns, etc. As I only sold a very small numer of packs, people would frequently complain that they had had the same ones before, so in the end I removed those sales and put the whole system through the affiliate, so you buyers get the best service for the least hassle."

"In quiz writing it's always hard to get the balance right. If your quiz questions are too hard then the contestants won't feel any satisfaction from taking part. Even teams that win a hard quiz will not come away feeling happy because they won't have expected to do well based on the number of questions they got right and felt confident about answering. They will come away feeling lucky, not intelligent. Unfortunately it is also true that if you make and easy quiz then teams will not feel challenged. If answers come to them straight away then the teams will write it down quickly and confidently and move on to talking about something else. Not always a bad thing as you probably want your quiz night to be a social event as well as test of the mind."

Wirral Web Design

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